Saturday, May 15, 2010

Filming, Day 5

Greetings fron Wears Valley, Tennessee.

Today our call time was at 12:00, so (though we had stayed up till 2:30 the previous night) we got to sleep in reasonably.

After a quick breakfast we were off to set where I spent the first couple of hours recording times for when the actors arrive on location, in make-up, on set, etc. I also played a quick game of pool with Marshall ;)

Just before 2:00pm, we started filming the first scene. Today we'll be filming three scenes: 102, 56part, and 58. All of the shots are interior shots of the Morton home. A location we'll be filming at for the next couple of days. It's a beautiful log cabin at the foot of the Smokey Mountains. A place like this could easily cost a fortune (and then some) to purchase.

Since we started shooting at 12pm, that means we'll wrap up filming tonight at 12am. Shooting always goes 12 hours, so if they need to film at night, call time (when we have to be on set) is later in the day.

Other than recording acting times, I'm also keeping track of when we move onto the next scene, make sure nothing disturbs the filming, and run various errands for the director, producers, and crew when they need it.

I'll try to keep updating about what I'm doing, but it may be the same thing for quite awhile :)

Random thought for the day: It's amazing how even when you're incredibly busy, when you go without something vital, you feel like your day is empty.